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Left - founder and owner, Stephen Ciacchi

Right - Joe Ciacchi (old man Ciacchi's dad)



Established in 2019, Old Man Ciacchi’s Italian Bakery brings a taste of Italy to your front door. 

Founder and head baker, Stephen Ciacchi, is fulfilling his passion by bringing central Ohio his Italian culture through his love of baking. While young in age, Stephen's love for the 1940's, 50's and 60's, Dean Martin and Frankie Valli began when his dad would bake and listen to the classics. Stephen earned the nickname "Old Man" and thus Old Man Ciacchi's Italian Bakery was born.

Experience these traditional authentic Italian baked treats today. These old school authentic cookies will take you back to your childhood when you would spend countless hours in a relative's kitchen - sharing laughs; hearing stories from your grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and spending time as a family.


Stephen & Kristine (Old Man Ciacchi's wife) both come from large families where immediate and extended family spent much time together around the kitchen table eating and laughing.  They believe in the family unit and want to 'bring families back together un biscotto at a time.'

Currently a certified home bakery with local pickup in Galena.  We ship within the United States.

Be sure to connect with us and share your love on Facebook.

Be sure to order your favorite Old Man Ciacchi treat, grab a cup of coffee and gather around with your loved ones, because life is meant to be enjoyed un biscotto at a time.

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